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Gathering for Tea in Modern Japan als eBook Dow...
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Gathering for Tea in Modern Japan:Class, Culture and Consumption in the Meiji Period. 1. Auflage Taka Oshikiri

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Barça - Der Traum vom perfekten Spiel
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Barça Dreams ist eine emotionale Reise direkt in die Seele des FC Barcelonas. Erzählt wird die Geschichte der bedeutendsten Figuren des katalanischen Kultvereins und seines 115 jährigen Bestehens. Neben dem Gründer Joan Gamper und dem Topstar Leo Messi kommen aktuelle Spieler und unsterbliche Legenden wie Kubala, Cruyff und Ronaldinho zu Wort. Supertalente, die für den unverwechselbaren Spielstil vom FC Barcelona mitverantwortlich sind und dafür sorgen, dass der Verein bis zum heutigen Tage weltweit bewundert und abgöttisch verehrt wird.

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Zonal Marking , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 845min
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An insightful, comprehensive and always entertaining appreciation of how European football has developed over the last three decades by the author of the much heralded The Mixer. Continental football has always cast a spell over the imagination. From the attacking flair of Real Madrid of the ´50s to the defensive brilliance of the Italians in the ´60s and on to the total football of the Dutch in the ´70s, the European leagues have been where the game has most evolved and taken its biggest steps forward. And over the last three decades, since the rebranding of the Champions League in 1992, that pattern has continued unabated, with each major European footballing nation playing its part in how the game’s tactics have developed.From the intelligent use of space displayed by the phenomenal Ajax team of the early ´90s, to the dominance of the highly strategic Italian league in the late ´90s and on to the technical wizardry of Barcelona’s tiki-taka, the European game continues to reinvent the tactical dimension of the game, creating blueprints which both club and national teams around the world strive to follow.In Zonal Marking, Michael Cox brilliantly investigates and analyses the major leagues around Europe over specific time periods and demonstrates the impact each has made on how the game is now played. Highly entertaining and packed full of wonderful anecdotes, this is the first audiobook of its kind to take an overview of modern European football and lays bare just how much the international language of football can be shaped by a nation’s unique identity. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Colin Mace. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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